Quilting was the way Kay’s family helped her grandmother keep her memory. Now, it has become a family activity that Kay is passing on to others through workshops like the one held at Le Milieu. 

She often works on quilting during open studio hours and when people started to ask her about her quilting, she decided to host a workshop to teach others this invaluable skill. 


At 5:00p.m., on Thursday, 11 January, people from the community began to take their places around the workshop table with either scraps of fabric they had brought from home or from the collection of fabric donations in the Milieu. 

Soon, they were tracing shapes on card stock, ironing fabric around it and carefully hand-stitching them together to form patchworks of diamonds or hexagons. It was peaceful as each worked on their own project, with occasional chatter as they asked each other for help or simply made conversation. 

By the time 7p.m. came, the participants had gotten so involved in their project and in conversation that it was hard to leave. But as they finally did start trickling out into the door, each left with a full heart and the beginnings of a quilt.


“The biggest takeaway was the technical trick that Kay taught us of how to thread a needle…that was my personal highlight,” commented one of the workshop participants, Sarah Marchand. 

It is through workshops like these that Le Milieu allows volunteers to share their valuable skills with the community, while building friendship over creative work. To see a full listing of upcoming workshops, please view the calendar on Le Milieu’s Facebook page. Sign up for one that interests you and come be a part of our community!


Vivienne Tam started volunteering regularly at Le Milieu when she moved to Montreal in September 2017 for her graduate school studies. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and has brought her love for cooking to the Coop through making food for its vegan cafe. In her free time, she writes at beautyinthemargins.com and plans for her next adventures travelling, cooking and cafe-exploring.