A space for art, a space to be.

I visited the Le Milieu for the first time when I attended the kimchi workshop taught by Vivienne and I instantly fell in love with the space. The kimchi we made turned out great as well. At the end of the workshop, somebody mentioned that they still needed volunteers and after hesitating for a second, I went up to them and asked "When can I start?". 

I had been looking for a place to volunteer, and since I love cooking, crafts and coffee, this was a perfect fit for me.

Since I've been going once a week, I have met a lot of interesting people. It's amazing how welcoming everybody is - even when my French is not perfect, they talk to me all the same. Carole, one of the regulars at the café, even throws some Spanish in when she talks to me.

I quickly realized this is more than a place where I prepare coffee or reheat a bowl of soup; it's a place where people come to make connections. It's a community space.

Although you will usually find me behind the counter making coffee, on February 14th, I want to share my origami skills by showing people how to make origami hearts.

I want to simply sit and talk to people, encouraging them to make a heart for an important person in their lives as well as a one for themselves, I think sometimes we need a little space where we can be quiet, relax and do something simple but beautiful for ourselves. Making art gives me that space. 

I really hope you can join us on Feb 14th or any other day to have a coffee, chat, browse through the art material and dare to create. Or just come and sit with us.

Sometimes, there is nothing to do, but everything to be. 

An art therapy enthusiast and coffee lover, Monica Escobedo, a.k.a. "Momo", is originally from Mexico but has been living in Montreal since 1998. It was while going through cancer treatment in 2016 that she discovered origami and other forms of art, which became a pivotal part of her recovery. She also enjoys other types of expressive art like pencil drawing, pastels, screen printing, collage and is now interested in the art of making coffee. Her favorite coffee is a single shot of espresso without sugar (of course).