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The indigenous knowledge sharing project

The Indigenous Knowledge Sharing Project highlights First Nations and Tibetan language, food, culture and arts with activities  and honours with an event June 2, 3 and 4 2017.

Chef George Lenser

A Squamish Nisga'a from Terrace B.C. and award winner in a food competition, George’s dream for his own indigenous restaurant drew him to Montreal to work as garde-manger at Joe Beef for close to two years. His goals are to further his knowledge in cooking, management, indigenous history & politics as an aspiring chef. George is presently a Concordia student, frequents the music scene and as a musician, already has stories to tell.

Tibetan Cultural Association of Quebec (TCAQ)

The Montreal Canadian Tibetans are one of the first groups of exile Tibetans to immigrate into Canada. This group of Tibetans arrived here back in 1971 under a resettlement project sponsored by the Government of Canada. Over the period of last four decades, only a minute growth of population took place and today, there are over 130 Tibetans who are permanently settled in the city of Montreal and its vicinity. Many of these people have endured to live in this province by overcoming cultural shocks and language barriers.

The Tibetan Cultural Association of Quebec (TCAQ) was formed in 1974 under the guidance of Tibetan Government in Exile, India. The primary objective of the Association is to preserve our rich heritage and culture. And it also focuses on keeping our old religious and cultural traditions alive.


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